Manufacturer: PTM&W INDUSTRIES, INC.

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Product Description

PT2712 is a low viscosity epoxy system designed for the fabrication of parts and structures by the resin infusion method. This system flows extremely well, and produces dense, void-free laminates routinely. The cured properties of this system are very high, so it produces items with good strength and toughness with excellent long-term stability. Three hardeners are available for use with this resin, which provide a range of working times. The hardeners have gel times of approximately 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours, so, by proper selection between the three, it is possible to easily infuse any size structure. The three hardeners are identical except for reaction time, so no matter which hardener is chosen, the user can expect the same high performance properties. The mixed viscosity with all three hardeners is just over 300 centipoise, so the material flows very well, even in thin walled areas. It penetrates heavy fabric sections and wets out quickly for further ease of production.