Manufacturer: PTM&W INDUSTRIES, INC.

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PT2520 is an amber, unfilled epoxy laminating resin designed for the construction of tooling and components that will operate in the intermediate high temperature service range. PT2520 will gel at room temperature for subsequent oven post curing off the pattern with both of the Part B hardeners listed here. Part B and Part B1 hardeners have different working times, so that by selecting the proper hardener, various sized tools and parts can be fabricated. PR2520 Part B has a 45 to 50 minute pot life, and the Part B1 has a 4 to 4.5 hour pot life, depending upon shop temperature. The mixed viscosity of PT2520 provides a system that penetrates the reinforcing fabric quite readily and holds the fabric in place, for fast, reliable fabrication. With the capability to post cure the laminate off the pattern, it is possible to use low temperature pattern materials such as wood or plaster for lower fabrication costs, since they will not be put into the oven for post cure. PT2520 has found good acceptance in such applications as vacuum form tools, foam molds, bond fixtures, layup molds, resin transfer molds, and other situations where repetitive heating and cooling cycles are involved. There are no restricted or regulated raw materials used in these high temperature products. PT2520 Part A does not contain vinylcyclohexane diepoxide (VCHD), or other hazardous or potentially restricted diluents. The PT2520 Part B hardeners do not contain methylene dianiline (MDA) or other potentially harmful aniline derivatives. They are non-staining, and will not crystallize in normal shipping and storage conditions.