Manufacturer: PTM&W INDUSTRIES, INC.

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PT1540 is a black, graphite filled epoxy system that has very unique properties which makes it well suited for a number of tooling and production applications. It is intended for use as a surface coat on tooling or parts that will be exposed to moderate heat in service. The consistency of PT1540 has been designed to allow quick, easy application to large areas with minimum effort. It is a thin paintable material that will hang on contoured surfaces with no run-off. This thin, yet thixotropic viscosity has made PT1540 a very popular material for use in the fabrication of a broad number of parts and structures. PT1540 spreads smoothly with minimum air entrapment and picks up fine surface detail easily. Parts and structures made with PT1540 have good heat resistance, so they will withstand the heat of paint bake ovens, as well as extreme environmental temperatures in service. Two hardeners are available for use with this resin, with the Part B1 having a longer working time, which is useful when there are larger surface areas to cover. 20-25 MINUTE HARDENER.