Manufacturer: PTM&W INDUSTRIES, INC.

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PT1414 is a very hard and durable surface coat and casting material for use where high abrasion resistance is desirable. Blue in color, PT1414 is filled with silicon carbide, which imparts outstanding wear resistance to the cured product. PT1414 has extremely high resistance to wear and abrasion. The fully cured surface is very hard and will dull standard machine tools much more rapidly than typical filled epoxies. The mixed viscosity of PT1414 allows easy application by brush as a surface coat that will hang on a vertical surface. It can also be used to cast die faces up to ½ inch thick. PT1414 is also an excellent adhesive that bonds well to a variety of metallic and composite surfaces. PT1414 has been used extensively for foundry patterns and coreboxes, tracer patterns, die faces, fixtures and a variety of adhesive bonding applications.