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HK Research Corporation's Clear Hybrid ISO Gel Coats are unsurpassed in the Cultured Marble Industry for their superior properties. The Hybrid Isophthalic resin backbone provides this product with unique physical characteristics. These unsurpassed Gel Coat systems provide the Cultured Marble manufacturer with a clear, colorless, hard, stain and abrasion resistant surface for cultured marble. When used in conjunction with high quality matrix resins and good manufacturing procedures, these gel coats will easily provide 2000+ cycles in the hydrothermal shock test (ANSI Z124.3 series). LHA-1503, when backed with a quality matrix system, produces a product that MINIMIZES "in-box" or "face-to-face" color change (yellowing), allowing the manufacturer to inventory products for a longer period of time. Substantial reductions in color change will occur with most commercially available matrix resins. LHA-1503 is formulated to offer a rapid film cure, which in turn, assures maximum physical properties of the cast component such as resistance to such common cure-related problems of staining, thermal shock cracking and premature yellowing. Cast components made from LHA1503 Clear Gel Coats maintain their original color even when stored in sealed boxes for several months before installation.