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The Resin Infusion Starter Kit is the perfect starting point for a company or an individual wanting to give Resin Infusion a try. The kit comes with reusable hardware items and a hands on training video which aids in training employees as well as a reference to return to. The kit has all the necessary materials to test different resin systems, different core, and different fibers. (1) Instructional Video with MSDS and Data Sheets (1) RB-451 Vacuum Reservoir with Vacuum Regulator and Gauge (50) Feet of 1/2 Inch Polyethylene Tubing (50) Feet of 1/2 Inch Polyethylene Spiralwrap Tubing (10) Feet of OF625V Omega Flow Line (6) 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch Nylon T Fittings (6) 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch Nylon Elbow Fittings (20) Feet of 41 Inch Wide Greenflow 75 Resin Distribution Medium (1) Roll of Tac-Strip Adhesive Coated Fiberglass Tape (20) Feet of 0.002 Inch (thick) x 60 Inch (wide) KM1300 Vacuum Bagging Film (15) Feet of 60 Inch Wide Bleeder Lease 8 Release Coated Peel Ply (6) Rolls of AT-200Y Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tape (1) Roll of Econobreaker 1 Inch Wide Hold Down Tape (1) Roll of Airhold 10 CBS 1 Inch Wide Double Back Tape (3) Flanged Locking Pliers for Resin Feed Line Clamping (1) Empty Five Gallon Pail