Manufacturer: PTM&W INDUSTRIES, INC.

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HT2C is a strong, lightweight, fiber reinforced paste epoxy system designed for preparing tools and fixtures that will be exposed to elevated service temperatures. HT2C is a high temperature epoxy novolac system that has excellent heat resistance. The cured material exhibits very good toughness for stable, durable tools. When used in the sandwich panel construction method described here, HT2C provides lightweight, strong, stable tools that will give long service in a variety of high temp applications. HT2C is a syntactic paste that has lightweight micro spheres incorporated to give the cured product lighter weight for easier handling. The resin and hardener components have very smooth consistencies. They combine easily to a creamy, workable paste that is easy to handle and apply. The system is color coded to insure a uniform, consistent mix. The curing exotherm of HT2C is very low, so shrinkage is negligible. HT2C is a non-toxic product, for improved safety in the work place. Clean-up is easily accomplished with soap and water. Tools fabricated with HT2C are easy to handle, have a very high strength-to-weight ratio, are very stable, and easily machined.