Manufacturer: 3M

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Product Description

3M Stikit Gold Film Disc Roll 255L provides discs that feature aluminum oxide abrasive grain on a film backing for a fast cut-rate and uniform, close-tolerance finish on wood, paint prep, and defect repair applications. The flexible backing provides a consistent finish and greater tear-resistance than a comparable paper product, making it well-suited for a high-production environment.
- Convenient roll form eliminates the need to remove disc liners from individual discs
- 3M Stikit adhesive backing allows for quick application and easy removal
- Aluminum oxide abrasive offers a fast cut, long life, and professional performance on many surfaces
- Tear-resistant film backing provides a close-tolerance, consistent finish
- Open coat construction and load-resistant coating prevent dust and debris from clogging the disc and offer a more aggressive
- Convenient disc roll form