Manufacturer: 3M

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If your jobsite involves exposure to hazardous dusts and particulates, comfortable protective coveralls can help stand up to harsh conditions. The 3M? Disposable Protective Coveralls 4545 offer the advanced quality and long-lasting comfort your workers value when working in challenging conditions, featuring soft, lightweight fabric and carefully considered design features that?s built for the task at hand.
- Micro-porous material and design offer protection from certain biological contaminants
- Anti-static treatment can help reduce static build-up
- Reinforced gusset between the legs helps provide increased durability while bending and squatting
- Knit cuffs provide a soft wrist closure for increased comfort compared to elastic closures
- Recommended for use in multiple industries including sewage, hazardous biological aerosol, and more
- 20 units included in each case