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Product Description

The 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax is formulated to quickly remove light to medium oxidation, light scratches, swirl marks and other minor defects from gelcoat. This polish removes scratches of P1500 or finer, and leaves a polished wax finish without swirls even in difficult dark-colored gelcoats.
- 3M's fastest-cutting gelcoat formula for removing light to medium oxidation and scratches
- Removes swirl marks even on difficult dark-colored gelcoats
- Can be used to cut, polish and wax in one step, reducing time and expense
- Formula provides longer wet time for extended product life and easier cleanup
- Suitable for non-silicone-sensitive gelcoat surfaces including marine, RV and industrial
- Part of a complete range of Perfect-It products for gelcoat finishing