Manufacturer: 3M

UPC: 00051141277134

$58.71 EA (1)

$11,742.00 CS (200)

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Product Description

3M Cubitron II Roloc Durable Edge Disc 984F offers a superior solution for tackling medium to high pressure grinding applications when a smaller-sized disc is needed. It excels in stainless steel, cobalt chrome, and nickel alloy applications.
- 3M Precision-Shaped Grain (PSG) maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure
- Disc life is significantly longer, completing more parts per disc and requiring fewer disc changes
- Grinding aid incorporated on the disc minimizes grinding temperatures for stainless steel and other heat-sensitive alloys
- Roloc quick attachment system provides for easy disc changes between grades or applications
- Backing supports medium to high pressure grinding applications and 2-ply construction provides added durability for edge work