Manufacturer: 3M

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Brand :20325

Product Description

Engineered for performance and ergonomics, our family of 3M Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders are loaded with features to reduce vibration and noise and provide greater wrist support and operator comfort. The comfortable rubber grip featuring proprietary 3M Gripping Material, curved-throttle alloy steel lever, and built-in wrist support provide comfortable control, while the recessed lever platform eliminates pinch and pressure points on the operator's palm. The speed control dial is conveniently located on the side and controlled with the thumb. We've also lightened the load with a composite cover that extends to the base to absorb and reduce vibration and keep these tools in service by preventing cracked housings. An innovative internal muffler helps reduce noise and won't break off.
- Convenient sheet can be used wet or dry on paint, primer, gel coat and metal
- Waterproof backing supports wet applications for decreased loading and a faster cut
- Silicon carbide mineral is our fastest-cutting abrasive for a superior finish
- Range of fine grades from 1000 up to 3000 for the most professional results
- Available in 9" x 11" and 5-1/2" x 9" sheets for a variety of uses