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Brand :5725

Product Description

3M Foam Polishing Pad works with 3M machine polishes to create a high gloss finish that glistens in the sunlight. This car polishing pads help remove compound swirl marks and fine sand scratches, without leaving swirls of their own. The 3M Polishing Pads are one of the final steps for getting a perfect finish. The polishing pads are effective in removing imperfections that often escape the human eye in many lighting conditions. But it is important to remove these slight imperfections so that they are not revealed when the light or angles is right to do so.
- Provides soft surface for applying 3M polishes
- Waffle face provides smooth contact surface, for even handling over curves without excess heat build up
- Quickly removes compounding swirls when used with 3M Perfect-it EX machine polish
- Pads can be used with either pneumatic or electric variable speed polishers to produce desired final finish