3M Stikit Finishing Film Abrasive Disc 260L, 01318, 6 in, P1200, 100 discs per carton, 4 cartons per case


Manufacturer: 3M

UPC: 00051131013186

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Brand :1318

Product Description

High performance Aluminum Oxide cuts fast, lasts a long time, resists loading and leaves a consistent finish. Use these products with a soft interface pad to scuff sand before painting. Use them to remove runs, dust nibs and excess orange peel from topcoat finishes before repainting or buffing. Discs are easy to remove from backup pads. They are faster and easier to use than scuffing pads, and there's none of the dry time you get with wet sanding. An aluminum oxide disc constructed on a film backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Features an anti-loading stearate coating. Grade: P600.
Primary markets:
- Metalworking, woodworking
- Scuff sanding before painting
- Removing runs, dust nibs, and excess orange peel from paint and gelcoat prior to compounding
Film-backed abrasive discs for standard high-finish auto body sanding applications Durable film backing is tear-resistant and provides a consistent finish Aluminum oxide abrasive delivers a fast cut and long life Resin bonding resists heat for added durability StikitT attachment system makes for quick and easy disc change-outs Our 3MT StikitT Film Disc 260L features tear-resistant film - a tough, consistent backing ideal for close-tolerance finishing work including paint preparation and removing paint defects. Aluminum oxide mineral abrasive stays sharp longer and resists loading for extended disc life for standard collision repair applications. StikitT attachment features adhesive backing for fast, easy change-outs. The Right Backing for Refined Finishes For auto body sanding applications requiring precision or fine finishes, our 3MT StikitT Film Disc 260L features a film backing that resists tears and maintains a smooth, consistent cutting surface without imperfections that can transfer through to the finished piece. Film-backed abrasive discs are available in a range of grades ideal for removing runs and leveling minor dust nibs as well as smoothing mismatched orange peel. They are also great for scuff sanding - faster and easier to use than traditional scuffing pads. This grade range is suitable for all automotive paints. Sharp Abrasive for a Refined Finish Our 3MT StikitT Film Disc 260L combines durable film backing with fast-cutting, long-lasting aluminum oxide mineral abrasive. Aluminum oxide is popular among collision repair professionals because of its fast cut-rate and long life. This mineral is suitable for a wide variety of metalworking materials including ferrous alloys. About Our StikitT Attachment System 3MT StikitT Film Disc 260L comes ready to use and easy to customize with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating - simply press it onto the sanding tool you're ready to go. The discs remove just as cleanly, leaving an uncontaminated surface for the next disc. Better Science for Better Sanding from 3M Our 3MT StikitT Finishing Film Abrasive Disc 260L is designed for long life in all standard paint preparation and finish applications. From its aluminum oxide mineral abrasive to its film backing to its StikitT attachment, this finishing film abrasive disc is another way that 3M applies science to make life easier for professionals in collision repair.