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Product Description

3M Short Strand Reinforced Filler is reinforced with short strand fiberglass to create water resistant repairs that are twice the strength of ordinary body fillers. It is a great solution for repairing holes and rust on metal and fiberglass.
3M Short Strand Reinforced Filler is thicker than regular filler, so it requires a bit more effort to mix. Compared to long strand fiberglass filler, short strand filler is also a bit more malleable and softer. Fiberglass filler is great for applying over welded areas and can be used as a build layer where thicker applications of body filler are needed.
- Reinforced with short-strand fiberglass for strong repairs
- Repairs rust-outs and shattered fiberglass
- Use as a foundation under regular body fillers for strength
- Can be used with Bondo Fiberglass Mat and Cloth